Brighton – Here’s to new beginnings


Have you ever been to a new place and it’s like you come back as a new person?

Refreshed and happy, like you have a new purpose in life, that feeling where you truly believe you could conquer the world

That’s what Brighton did for me

I think it’s the fresh air and the sea breeze, the artwork and photography that is littered about by new and aspiring students, and the positive vibe that radiates from everybody around you

fullsizeoutput_f56.jpegWhatever it is, it’s made me realise that — however cliché this sounds — the whole point of being on this earth, of existence, is to find happiness, to pursue whatever you want to do and achieve whatever you wish.

That it’s okay to take some time out for yourself, to be selfish, to forget about others for a while

Just enjoy life, and notice the little things like sunsets and pretty skies, like your favourite flowers or colours, sounds or smells, anything. Just enjoy it, live life to the full and ALWAYS remember why you’re here




The first 2016 summer get away!


There’s beauty around every corner


The poetry of earth is never dead




The earth always has music for those who will listen


Some see a weed, some see a wish


Collect moments, not things


Finding beauty in our everyday lives

As somebody that has experienced depression and anxiety, I often try to remind myself of how beautiful nature is, and how amazing it is to be a part of it.

Just think about it.

There’s animals out there that nobody knows about, in the deep sea, in the forests, right under our noses.


There’s countries, restaurants, cities that you haven’t been to.

There’s food that you haven’t eaten.

Music you haven’t listened to.

Languages that you haven’t spoken.

Roads that  you haven’t walked on and mountains you haven’t climbed.

Seas you haven’t swam in and water that you haven’t drank.

So next time you think life isn’t worth it, make a list of everything you’ve yet to achieve, everything you want to achieve in the next 10 years. Places you want to go, internet friends you want to meet and foods you want to try.

Our time on this universe is extremely short in the grand scheme of things so we may as well enjoy it and make it last.