Mindless ramblings #1

The great thing about English, specifically discourse analysis (the study of written and spoken language), is that even if there is nothing to write about, there is still something to write about, you know? Despite not necessarily knowing a term or a method of detailed analysis you can always find something, all it takes is a little connection and imagination. Just put yourself in the shoes of the reader and think; “how would that make me feel?” An that is the great thing, a lot of it takes imagination and technical thinking. Whilst there is a lot of practice and gruelling analysis involved, there is an essential need for passion and understanding, without passion English as a subject, and as a language in fact, is meaningless and maybe even boring. But when you have dedicated such a long time to it, and it has become such a large part of your life, there isn’t really any going wrong, discourse analysis just becomes a way of life, I guess.