You know, as I sit here and stress myself out over what I should be writing and what content I should be uploading, and as I stop to think, why? I realised that ‘why’ used to be because I enjoy writing, ‘why’ used to be because I looked forward to being able to escape into my work, and now what is ‘why’? ‘Why’, has suddenly become a guilty feeling of how I haven’t wrote enough recently, ‘why’ has become a realisation that I don’t put in enough effort and I don’t do enough, but why wouldn’t be so stressful, the content, and the reason behind it should simply be enjoyment pleasure and passion.


Mindless ramblings #1

The great thing about English, specifically discourse analysis (the study of written and spoken language), is that even if there is nothing to write about, there is still something to write about, you know? Despite not necessarily knowing a term or a method of detailed analysis you can always find something, all it takes is a little connection and imagination. Just put yourself in the shoes of the reader and think; “how would that make me feel?” An that is the great thing, a lot of it takes imagination and technical thinking. Whilst there is a lot of practice and gruelling analysis involved, there is an essential need for passion and understanding, without passion English as a subject, and as a language in fact, is meaningless and maybe even boring. But when you have dedicated such a long time to it, and it has become such a large part of your life, there isn’t really any going wrong, discourse analysis just becomes a way of life, I guess.

Getting over a breakup?

“It’s over.”  

“I don’t love you”

“I found someone else”

“I don’t have time”

“You were never the one”

The dreaded words.

I never really understood why people struggle to get over breakups until now, and yeah, this isn’t my first one, but it sure feels like it.

It’s difficult, it honestly is, seeing the love drain from somebody’s eyes instantly, going from talking to somebody all day and all night to having no one, it’s awful. It makes you feel so alone and lost

But I think the worst thing is not knowing what went wrong, one day you weren’t aware of anything being off, and the next you suddenly aren’t enough?

I just don’t think I can comprehend not being with him anymore, I can’t get my mind around having no-one and honestly I hate that, but I wish he was still here.



Taking and revising A level history

I think, the thing about taking any subject such as history is that, you have to be dedicated to putting in the time and effort… like, really, really dedicated.

The work load is genuinely unreal, and there generally isn’t a great deal of time to do it in, which, is understandable given the amount of time given to learn the entirety of the exam specifications, but that still doesn’t make it any better.

For example being set 25 questions on the Russian civil war on Monday, and handing them in on Wednesday, isn’t fun.

So anyways, I study modern history, Britain and Russia. Britain is a breadth paper and Russia is depth, and so with Russia we cover things in a lot more detail, whereas Britain we look at more events in less detail.

How I revise British and Russian history

I feel like because there is so much information to take in, and so many dates, places and people to remember, that personally I wouldn’t be able to take all of that in, and memorise and understand it well enough to write an essay on it by just having pages and pages of writing.

For both papers, I definitely rely on revision cards, flash cards, cue cards, whatever you want to call them.. you get the gist, to actually learn the content. Now, for GCSE that’s great, and it can all end there, but with A level, you need to learn how to adapt your knowledge, and manipulate it to fit in with different aspects of a question.

After I have learnt the information from the cue cards, I’ll write the name of the topic, or a feature of it in the middle of a piece of paper, and just brainstorm or mind map every single thing I know about it. Once I’ve done this, I’ll look back through my notes and see if there is anything I’ve missed, which most likely is the case for the first few attempts, after finding something I have missed out, I’ll add it on in a different coloured pen so that I know it is something I have to focus on.

I’ll keep drawing the same mind map, but shortening each piece of information until eventually I can write one or two words and remember everything I need to know.


Past paper questions/essay practice

Practice questions are such an important part of revision, especially for essay based subjects, as timing is key.

In the booklets I get given by my teachers, there will always be a few practice essay questions to try, and some short answer questions that I will use for revision when looking through my notes.

So, once I have made my mind maps, and I’m sure that I know all the content well enough, I’ll move on to answering an essay question, making sure to time myself in writing my answer. If I don’t finish before the timer goes off, I will still carry on until I have finished writing, however I will bare in mind that I still need to work on my timing, and condensing of information so that I can get things written down more efficiently.


That’s really all I do when revising, obviously people find it easier to revise in different ways, and many people have their own unique style. But for me, I just find that repeatedly writing something and then answering questions on it works best.

Good luck revising!



I don’t know what it is recently that I’ve been doing differently, but it feels as if everything I do is greeted with this nagging anxiety. You know that sinking feeling you get when you get to school or college or work and you realise you’ve forgotten something really important? Yeah, it’s like that, but every single day and I’ve no idea why, it feels like having 1000 butterflies in your stomach at once.

I just don’t know what to do, because I feel as if if I try and get help then somebody will say something against it such as how I don’t have anxiety or I’m just being stupid, but it’s affecting me so much recently, every morning I’ll wake up and have this feeling and I have no idea why, because everything I’m doing I’m enjoying, and it’s really frustrating.

A very quick and chatty introduction to life at college – and starting a revision feature?

I guess I’ll start this post by telling you a bit about the subjects that I’m currently doing and the environment that I’m doing them in

So I’m doing four AS levels, history, psychology, sociology and English language at a Sixth form college- obviously I’m not going to tell you where I’m studying haha! The great thing about sixth-form colleges is that there is so much support, and such a tight knit community between yourself and all of your classmates and even the teachers, usually! It isn’t quite the unscheduled hectic mess (so I’m told) of a regular college, yet it isn’t the strict school-like environment of a sixth-form, as I’ve heard from my school friends.

The great thing about A-levels is that you look at everything in more depth, I guess, at school you look at what happened, you rarely need to know why, what caused it, what happened five years before, or five years after, maybe this is just the history student in me, but it is truly intriguing to know so much about a person, a time or an event, a culture a subculture, an age or an era.  And yes, definitely definitely yes, it is stressful there is so much to do and the workload and the expectations of oneself from both teachers and peers increases dramatically, but it is so worth it.

I was planning to discuss each subject, how I revise for each topic, and perhaps even my thoughts on the classes and teachers, but I think I’ll do that in a separate post, yes.

Also, as you’ve probably read in the title, I was thinking of whether to start a section on this blog with my tips and inspirations for revision, how and when I revise, my methods for revision , and other little helpful pieces of advice. I feel like this would’ve been so helpful if I had found something like this whilst I was doing my GCSEs, and I hope I’d now be able to offer some form of this for you lot! 🙂  – Let me know if you’d be interested in something like this!



Last post of the year! Goodbye 2016

It’s almost 2017 now, so I thought I’d make my last post of 2016…

So many people are focussing on all of the bad things that have happened over the course of the year, and whilst I cannot deny it has been awful, I have lost someone very very close to my heart due to tragic events, we’ve lost so many celebrities and childhood heroes also.

However, I don’t believe we should dwell on the negatives, I don’t know about you guys but I have made some amazing friends throughout the year, both online and irl, I’ve done some things that have terrified me and I never thought I’d have the courage to do, such as starting a college that I knew no one at, and completing a summer course, on which I also knew no-one. All of this has worried me greatly, however, by the end of the year I am glad to look back on all of the amazing things I have completed throughout the year.

It’s fair to say I am a great believer of moving forwards whilst still looking back

So yeah, it has been a pretty awful and devastating year, but it has definitely had its perks,

So heres to a new and better year, whilst still looking back on the good of this one.

My love goes out to all of you amazing people, and as I wish you a genuinely happy new year, I’d love to know if you have any resolutions for the new year, and what your fondest memory of 2016 has been



Brighton – Here’s to new beginnings


Have you ever been to a new place and it’s like you come back as a new person?

Refreshed and happy, like you have a new purpose in life, that feeling where you truly believe you could conquer the world

That’s what Brighton did for me

I think it’s the fresh air and the sea breeze, the artwork and photography that is littered about by new and aspiring students, and the positive vibe that radiates from everybody around you

fullsizeoutput_f56.jpegWhatever it is, it’s made me realise that — however cliché this sounds — the whole point of being on this earth, of existence, is to find happiness, to pursue whatever you want to do and achieve whatever you wish.

That it’s okay to take some time out for yourself, to be selfish, to forget about others for a while

Just enjoy life, and notice the little things like sunsets and pretty skies, like your favourite flowers or colours, sounds or smells, anything. Just enjoy it, live life to the full and ALWAYS remember why you’re here