A very quick and chatty introduction to life at college – and starting a revision feature?

I guess I’ll start this post by telling you a bit about the subjects that I’m currently doing and the environment that I’m doing them in

So I’m doing four AS levels, history, psychology, sociology and English language at a Sixth form college- obviously I’m not going to tell you where I’m studying haha! The great thing about sixth-form colleges is that there is so much support, and such a tight knit community between yourself and all of your classmates and even the teachers, usually! It isn’t quite the unscheduled hectic mess (so I’m told) of a regular college, yet it isn’t the strict school-like environment of a sixth-form, as I’ve heard from my school friends.

The great thing about A-levels is that you look at everything in more depth, I guess, at school you look at what happened, you rarely need to know why, what caused it, what happened five years before, or five years after, maybe this is just the history student in me, but it is truly intriguing to know so much about a person, a time or an event, a culture a subculture, an age or an era.  And yes, definitely definitely yes, it is stressful there is so much to do and the workload and the expectations of oneself from both teachers and peers increases dramatically, but it is so worth it.

I was planning to discuss each subject, how I revise for each topic, and perhaps even my thoughts on the classes and teachers, but I think I’ll do that in a separate post, yes.

Also, as you’ve probably read in the title, I was thinking of whether to start a section on this blog with my tips and inspirations for revision, how and when I revise, my methods for revision , and other little helpful pieces of advice. I feel like this would’ve been so helpful if I had found something like this whilst I was doing my GCSEs, and I hope I’d now be able to offer some form of this for you lot! 🙂  – Let me know if you’d be interested in something like this!