Internet friends are real friends.

We all have our problems.

We all have times in which we contemplate the inevitability of death and doom to the world as we know it… *ahem*

We all have issues that we are uncomfortable talking about,

unless it’s to a ‘stranger’ over the internet.

But they aren’t strangers, are they?

They may not be there to physically hug you, but they are always there to offer a virtual shoulder to cry on (generally)

All of the friends I have made over the internet, bar two, are all still here for me, some up to a year after I met them. They have all been kind me, they have all listened to my problems and made me forget about the world I live in.

If you don’t have any, I seriously recommend you get some, they’ll be the best friends you ever meet, or they’ll teach you something about yourself, or, if you’re lucky they’ll do both.


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